About Us

We are a certified B Corporation – an organisation that has been independently assessed to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

Our mission

Our goal is simple: to help you make a meaningful impact in climate action.

Carbon Co. is managed by small team in Sydney. We founded Carbon Co. based on years of personal experience running technology businesses that purchased large volumes of carbon offsets: as a customer of offsets, we realised that the carbon market was complex, misunderstood, but exceptionally powerful.

We set out to make the carbon offsets accessible to retail customers and small businesses. With an affordable subscription, you can now become fully carbon neutral. Unlike other players in the industry, Carbon Co. does not operate a ‘general fund’ that lacks transparency and accountability. Every Carbon Co. product states how many offsets you will receive.

We then carefully select the most effective emissions reduction projects worldwide, with our team (that is qualified in environmental science, law and finance) analysing projects before purchasing carbon credits on the global market on your behalf. We also partner with organisations around the world to plant trees and protect ecosystems.

Transparency, accountability and efficacy are our core values. Our carbon offsets support only projects independently verified under international carbon offset standards (such as VERA), and we publish regular reports on our projects.

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