Become carbon neutral by purchasing offsets that support innovative projects that benefit both the climate and global development.

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Combat deforestation, protect biodiversity and store carbon for years to come by planting trees around the world.



Offset your friend or loved one’s car, shopping or daily coffee with a unique, stylish and socially conscious gift.



We partner with businesses large and small to reduce emissions through comprehensive audits and actionable advice.

As a certified B Corporation, Carbon Co. has been independently assessed to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

Carbon offsets support world-leading projects

CO2 offsets with a real impact.

Carbon offsets (also known as carbon credits) are a powerful tool for individuals and businesses to become carbon neutral. By purchasing carbon credits from emissions reducing projects in Australia and abroad, your net environmental footprint is reduced while also supporting community development, environmental protection and much more.

Our independent assessment framework

We independently assess emission-reduction projects to ensure the maximum impact from your carbon offsets. Using academic research from the Stockholm Environment Institute (a leading independent research institute for sustainable development), we assess each project to ensure it is:

Independently certified

All offsets are certified under independent, international accreditation programs (Gold Standard and VERRA VCS).

Socially responsible

All offsets have a positive social impact in addition to their environmental benefit (for example, poverty alleviation).

Net positive

Offsets must enable an emission-reducing project to be commercially viable. If the project would proceed without revenue from carbon offsets, the offset does not have an additional benefit to the climate.

Accurate and permanent

Offsets must accurately reflect one tonne of emissions reduced or removed from the atmosphere, be permanent emissions reductions, and be sold only once (not double counted).


With your help, we can all make a difference.

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