Plant trees in Australia

Australia’s forests cover more than 134 million hectares, supporting a rich and biodiverse ecosystem of over 24,000 species of native plants and 250 species of native mammals.

However, increasing construction, mining and development continue to threaten both ecosystems and the climate. With your support, we’re planting trees to rebuild Australian ecosystems and combat climate change.

Research by the Threatened Species Recovery Hub found that invasive species and habitat loss are the biggest threats to Australian biodiversity. Between 2001 to 2020, 8.47 million hectares of tree cover were lost, accounting for a 20% decrease in aggregate ground cover and approximately 2.25 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

With extreme climate events such as bushfires becoming more prevalent, Australia’s ecosystems are under even greater threat. A report by WWF Australia found that the 2020 Australian bushfires were the “worst wildfire disaster in modern history” where 46 million acres of vegetation burned and 1.25 billion animals affected.

With your support, we are planting trees in areas that have been most affected by bushfires and deforestation. The trees we plant will help in making sure that the natural ecosystem and biodiversity of Australian forests are restored.

The biodiversity of Australian forests is continuously under threat by deforestation, land clearing, development and climate change. Every dollar you spend will go to efforts in planting seedlings and saplings to recover the most affected areas of the Australian bushfires. These trees will help restore the balance of the Australian forest’s biodiversity and ecosystem, as well as provide a habitat for threatened animal species like the sooty owl, giant burrowing frog, and the greater glider.

We will work with local organisations and groups in Australia to rehabilitate and replant trees in the most threatened regions. By planting these trees, we will be able to minimise the threats brought by climate change, deforestation and wildfires.

Plant trees in Australia

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