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Did you know that every litre of petrol burned produces 2.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide? This means that an average person’s car produces about 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. As alarming as this sounds, there is a lot you can do to contribute to stopping climate change.

By purchasing a carbon offset for your car, you will balance the unavoidable emissions of your daily commute with equivalent emission reductions elsewhere, helping you become carbon neutral. A carbon offset is a simple and affordable way of taking real, meaningful action to combat climate change, and is only $79 per year.

When you purchase a carbon offset, we will offset 3 tonnes of carbon emissions on your behalf. We’ll also send you a window sticker to demonstrate your commitment to climate change and encourage others to do the same! There are several styles to choose from.

Your funds will purchase certified carbon credits on the global carbon market. When selecting projects, we solely support carbon offsets that meet rigorous international criteria like Verra VCS and the Gold Standard. One of our core tenets is transparency, and we will provide you with comprehensive reports on the projects where your carbon offsets are sourced from.

Carbon offsets have a tangible and substantial influence on the environment as well as people all over the world. They provide a variety of social and economic benefits, including greater access to clean energy technology and sustainable living choices, improved livelihood for people in emerging nations, and expanding forest cover and ecosystem biodiversity.

Since the beginning of the project, we have offset over 1,000 tonnes of CO2 and planted over 10,000 trees. We intend to reduce carbon emissions even more, but we can’t accomplish it without your help. You can make a difference and help protect our home for just $79!