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Our production and consumption habits play a significant role in accelerating climate change by producing large amounts of carbon dioxide. While it is impossible to constantly be careful of the products we consume, there are other ways by which we can make meaningful changes to reduce our carbon emissions.

Our eco tote bags (with included carbon offset!) are a simple and affordable place to start. These fashionable totes are great for carrying your shopping, but also offset 1 tonne of carbon dioxide to neutralise your grocery trips and even your coffee run. Plus, the eco-friendly totes are a great way to demonstrate  your commitment to climate change in a sustainable and fashionable way!

When you purchase a tote, we purchase 1 tonne of certified carbon offsets on the international carbon market. Your contribution will go towards projects that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere in Australia and abroad. These projects are activities that permanently reduce greenhouse gas emissions or remove carbon from the atmosphere, like wind farms and solar plants, reforestation projects, and green energy technology. We exclusively source carbon offsets from sequestration projects that meet rigorous international criteria like Verra VCS and the Gold Standard. One of our core values is transparency, and we will provide you with comprehensive reports on the projects where your carbon offsets are sourced from.

Since this project started, we have offset more than 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and planted more than 10,000 trees. We aspire to achieve greater levels of carbon reduction and cannot do it without your help. At $29 our eco-friendly tote bags can make a difference and help save our home.